Wheel Alignment Croydon
Wheel Alignment Croydon
Wheel Tracking Croydon

State of the art, Wheel alignment check in under 30 minutes

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Wheel Alignment Croydon

Stay Aligned for the Journey Ahead

Wheel alignment (sometimes referred to as tracking), is part of standard vehicle maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the vehicle manufacturers specification. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tyre wear, and to ensure that vehicle travels straight and true (without "pulling" to one side).

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Wheel Tracking Croydon

Hunter four-wheel alignment system

We have the Hunter four-wheel alignment system - which boasts some of the most accurate wheel alignment technology available. The Hunter technology uses a series of high-definition imaging sensors which measure the position and orientation of the wheels with pin point accuracy using retro-reflective wheel targets. This then feeds information into the ProAlign software which features a database containing more than 20 years of factory vehicle specifications to ensure your wheels are accurately aligned exactly as your manufacturer intended.

Wheel Alignment Croydon

All new vehicles leave the factory with their alignment checked and adjusted. Usually the technician paints the heads of the adjustment hardware to show it has been set, also to show if it has moved later on.

Under normal driving conditions many vehicles can go 20,000+ miles before they need a new set of tyres, however if the wheels are misaligned the tyre life can be drastically reduced which is why we recommend to have the alignment checked at your annual service or MOT. Any severe driving incidents, or changed suspension components would also warrant a check.

Wheel Tracking Croydon

The typical alignment on an economy saloon takes about an hour under ideal circumstances. A utility or performance vehicle may require additional labour. When fasteners and hardware are rusted/seized, extra time may be required and/or parts may need to be replaced.

In the same fashion that you will wear out your shoes if you walk only on the inside or outside edge, so your tyres may become worn if your vehicle's wheel alignment is not within the allowed specifications. Many performance vehicles sacrifice tyre life for driving performance.

Wheel Alignment Croydon

As the tyres will bounce, it is the first spring that your car rides on, affecting and potentially shortening the life of, all other components. Braking distance, ride quality and even fuel economy are all affected by the correct inflation and rotation of tyres. A major national fuel savings program could be seen by correctly inflated tyres! If your vehicle squeals while turning corners on dry road, it is probably time to have your alignment checked (or slow down!). Changing your wheel rims and tyres will normally not affect the alignment but will affect secondary angles.

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