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Wheel Tracking Croydon

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Wheel Tracking Croydon

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We can supply & fit premium, mid range & budget tyre options for cars, vans & 4x4’s. Discuss your needs with us today & we can advise you on a suitable tyre whether its for urban, motorway or high speed performance. We can supply O.E (original equipment) tyres for majority of makes & models if required.

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We can also repair tyres providing they meet with British Standard AU159. Upon inspection of the tyre, our tyre specialist will be able to advise you if your tyre falls into this category. Tyres can only be repaired in the central area of the tyre tread - the sidewalls are not repairable, and for V rated tyres and above, only one repair is allowed. However, before any repair is carried out, the tyre must be fully inspected for any signs of internal damage which could cause tyre failure.

Wheel Tracking Croydon

The tyre you need will depend on the kind of car you drive & the type of driving you do, for example, if you drive short distances in and around town on the school run or to the local shops then economy and safety will be a primary concern when choosing a tyre. If you do a lot of motorway driving then low noise, comfort and fuel saving might be factors in helping you find the right tyre. Drivers with luxury cars and sports cars will be interested in high performance tyres, which offer precision handling, excellent traction and manoeuvrability at speed.

Wheel Tracking Croydon

Tyres are one of the most important components of a vehicle, if your tyres are worn or damaged it can seriously affect your car’s safety and handling. The tyre tread area making contact with the road is relatively small (about the size of the palm of your hand!), adequate tread depth is essential for good grip on wet roads as the tread pattern helps to remove water from the road surface. Drivers with insufficient tread depth face longer stopping distances, reduced grip and an increased risk for aquaplaning. Not only that, if your tyres don’t meet legal requirements, you could face a fine of £2,500 per tyre and 3 penalty points on your licence

Wheel Tracking Croydon

Tyres with less than 1,6 mm tread depth are both illegal and dangerous! If you do not have a depth gauge, you can check the tread depth with a twenty pence piece: insert the coin into the tread and if the outer ring of the coin remains visible, it is advisable to change the tyre. Tread depth must be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm throughout a continuous strip in the centre three quarters of the tread and around the entire tyre circumference. When a tyre reaches 3mm it is considered to have low tread, replacement should be considered for utmost safety when driving especially in the wet at high speeds.

Wheel Tracking Croydon

Tyres must be correctly inflated according to the VM's recommendations in the vehicle handbook. Low tyre pressure has an extremely negative effect on tyre durability, due to excessive stress in the tyre shoulder and heat build-up from sidewall bending. The lower the tyre inflation pressure, the higher the effect on aquaplaning, braking on wet and dry roads and tread wear. In addition, with a 25% loss of pressure, the tyre rolling resistance is increased by 10%, which in turn results in 2% more fuel consumption. Tyre tread depth, condition and pressure should be checked on a monthly basis & before any long journeys, if your ever in doubt, we offer a free tyre safety inspection.

Wheel Tracking Croydon

RunFlat tyres are specially designed to allow you to drive for a short distance with a puncture, even when the tyre is completely flat. This is a temporary, emergency measure allowing the driver to get to a safe place to repair or replace the tyre. RunFlat tyres should not be driven above 30mph and for no longer than 50 miles.

Manufacturers include markings on the tyre tread to identify it as a RunFlat tyre; these differ from one tyre manufacturer to another.

Wheel Tracking Croydon

Winter tyres are specifically designed for use in icy and snowy conditions, in far lower temperatures than general use of tyres – less than 7° C – and in vastly differing road conditions. It allows the driver to optimise adherence/grip on snow, reduce fuel consumption and provides excellent traction, thanks to a dedicated tread.
A road is always less predictable in winter than in hot weather; irrespective of whether it’s snowy, icy or just wet, the surface gives less grip. However, when the temperature remains above 7° C, summer tyres have better safety performance, especially in wet braking conditions. Therefore it is important to change your tyres according to the season!

What does it mean for you?!

Wheel Tracking Croydon

Fuel efficiency

The difference between A-G is 0.4 litres per 100,000 miles, so if you do 6000 miles per year you would save £60 per year by opting for an A rated tyre.

Wet grip

The difference between A-G in terms of stopping distance from 70MPH is 18 Metres!! So if you opt for an A rated tyre you will stop the length of 2 double decker buses earlier than with a G rated tyre!

External Rolling Noise

Measured in Decibels so its not always clear how much diference there is between them but a 1DB  difference is TWICE as noisy!


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