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Car Servicing Croydon

Every vehicle is unique

Oil Service? Interim Service? Full Service? Manufacturers scheduled service? CBS?

Do you actually know what you are getting when you request any of the above services? Most garages offer their own set services, but if you   compared what they include you would be surprised to see how different they really are. This can make it difficult to compare prices, if one full service cots £99 & another costs £199 you can be sure that you are not getting the same service.

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Following the manufacturers scheduled service will ensure that the correct checks & replacements are carried out at the correct intervals for your specific vehicle. We offer all of the above & more service options, we recommend vehicle owners stick to their vehicle manufacturers scheduled services. This will ensure that your vehicle does not miss certain items that are not usually part of a set service (for example. Transmission oil change).

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To maintain the efficiency & safety of your vehicle it should be serviced at regular intervals. Intervals vary for each make & model of vehicle, refer to your service book or contact us for information on the correct type of service due & manufacturer specified intervals. The service parts we use are only from reputable suppliers made to O.E standards, if required genuine manufacturers parts can be used. Changes in legislation in 2003 mean that it is not compulsory for a vehicle to be serviced by the main dealer, providing the manufacturer service schedule is adhered to services can be carried out by any garage without voiding your vehicles warrantee.

Car Services Croydon

It is important to check when getting quotes from garages for servicing that you find out what grade of oil they are including for the price. There are a lot of garages that quote using a cheap grade of oil that is unsuitable for most modern engines & once they have the vehicle on site they inform you that you need a more expensive grade. When we quote our customers we quote specifically for the vehicle so there will be no hidden surprises once you are booked in. We pride ourselves on being transparent when it comes to quoting our customers & ensuring they are fully informed.

Car Services Croydon

Important: Timing belt / Cam belt

It is vital that these belts are replaced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended intervals, failure to replace them could result in the belt breaking, if this happens it can cause detrimental damage to your engine, resulting in very expensive & extensive repairs. Replacement intervals vary widely depending on vehicle make & model, refer to your service book for manufacturers specified intervals. If you are unsure when your particular vehicles timing belt / cam belt is due for replacement, we will be happy to find out for you.

Car Servicing Croydon

If the water pump is driven by the cam belt / timing belt we advise replacement at the same time as this is likely to have been on the vehicle the same length of time as your cam belt / timing belt and if this fails could cause the same damage as the belt snapping.

If your vehicle is fitted with a timing chain, these are generally maintenance free, however if the vehicle is not serviced regularly (especially oil changes using the correct grade of oil) this can cause premature wear / failure of the timing chain & other components.

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Our Promise
100% Guaranteed

Always obtain your consent

We will always obtain your consent before carrying out any work that has not already been authorised by yourself.

Always retain faulty parts

We will always retain faulty & damaged parts for your inspection.

Always keep records

We will always keep a complete record of your car & its history with us.

Always report advisories

We will always report any advisories we see whilst working on your vehicle.

Always explain the costs

We will always explain the costs involved before undertaking any work on your vehicle & where applicable will give you a choice of genuine manufacturer parts & after market O.E parts. All parts we fit come with a years guarantee, unless otherwise stated.

Our Promise