Brake Repairs Croydon
Brake Repairs Croydon

Brake inspections or replacement, we can help you with
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Brake Repairs Croydon

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We can service your brakes using O.E. quality parts or genuine parts depending on your preference or age of the vehicle. It is vital for safety that your vehicles braking system is kept in good working condition, involving cleaning, adjustment & replacement when necessary. When getting quotes for brake repairs, ensure you find out what quality / make the parts are as you may think you are getting a bargain when in fact your having inferior quality parts fitted, resulting in them needing to be replaced again much sooner.

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Brake Repairs Croydon

Brake pad / shoe linings are checked during routine services, if you have not had your vehicle serviced recently, have recently purchased your vehicle or you are a high mileage user & are uncertain about the condition of your brakes it is advisable to have a brake inspection ASAP.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the braking system is brake fluid. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture, once moisture gets into the brake fluid the less effective it is. Brake fluid should be completely changed every two years.

Brake Repairs Croydon

We only use quality brake components from reputable companies. We will NOT fit second hand brake parts.

Allowing your brake pads to wear down completely will cause damage to your brake discs. Keep an eye out for a brake wear light on your instrument panel or a squealing noise to avoid unnecessary repair bills.

NOTE: Some vehicles do not have a brake wear indicator system

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Our Promise
100% Guaranteed

Always obtain your consent

We will always obtain your consent before carrying out any work that has not already been authorised by yourself.

Always retain faulty parts

We will always retain faulty & damaged parts for your inspection.

Always keep records

We will always keep a complete record of your car & its history with us.

Always report advisories

We will always report any advisories we see whilst working on your vehicle.

Always explain the costs

We will always explain the costs involved before undertaking any work on your vehicle & where applicable will give you a choice of genuine manufacturer parts & after market O.E parts. All parts we fit come with a years guarantee, unless otherwise stated.

Our Promise